Jewellery Design

At Jeremy France Jewellers, we specialise in designing and making bespoke fine jewellery. Whether you want to remodel an old family piece, create a new heirloom or celebrate a momentous occasion, our creative team is on hand to help you craft your dream jewellery.

Four steps to your perfect piece

Our Process

Step One

The design process begins with an initial jewellery design consultation, where we will discuss your thoughts and preferences for the piece you wish to have made.

Step Two

After your jewellery designer consultation, our in-house designer Lauren will produce a selection of hand-drawn designs for your consideration. She’ll then listen to any feedback and work with you to refine these ideas.

Step Three

Once you’ve approved the concept design, you’ll have the option of a CAD jewellery design appointment where you can view a photograph-quality 3D Computer-Aided Design image of your chosen piece, to help you visualise your new item. Lauren can then work with loose stones, sample rings and printed resin models, so you can have full confidence that your bespoke commission will be every bit as beautiful as you imagined.

Step Four

When you’re happy with your final design, our skilled goldsmiths will start to create your personally designed jewellery in 100% recycled or fair trade metal.


Our CAD Jewellery Design Appointments

At Jeremy France Jewellers, we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the bridge the gap between centuries-old techniques and modern-day expectations. Using the same tools that build space shuttles, we design and create the finest jewellery, whether it is a mechanically-based concept or an organic sculptural shape.

Once we’ve created a CAD design, the computer file is sent to our 3D printer which fashions a physical resin model of the piece, allowing you to see and handle the new jewellery before it’s made.

This model is then used to create a mould, which will be injected with molten metal to form a casting. The rough metal casting is just the start of your creation, which will often pass through between three and six different pairs of hands before it becomes the lovely vision you designed.


Your Jewellery Design Consultation

Our talented designer Lauren and our friendly sales team will be there to guide you throughout your bespoke journey.

Between them, they’ll answer any queries you have and work closely with our goldsmiths and suppliers to make sure your finished piece is perfect.

Booking Your Jewellery Designer Consultation

Lauren is available for consultations by appointment both in store and online. Please contact the store via phone or email to book.


We recommend that you allow about an hour for your initial custom-made jewellery appointment, so that you have plenty of time to discuss your ideas and explore the possibilities.

From the day of your initial jewellery design consultation, the concept phase will generally take 2-4 weeks, including selecting any stones and perfecting the final design.

Manufacturing time will typically be 6-8 weeks from the point of signing off your chosen design, to collecting your finished piece.

Our Designer


Book a jewellery design consultation and we’ll introduce you to our talented designer, Lauren.

Lauren joined Jeremy France Jewellers in 2018, with several years of design experience behind her.

Her passion for design began at age 15, during a work experience placement on Baker Street, when she got her first glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the design of high-quality jewellery, bags and shoes. Since then she has been fascinated with the idea that she can create anything she can think of!

After an internship at De Beers, Lauren went on to train in Hatton Garden at Holts Academy (now the British Academy of Jewellery), where she completed her Level 2 in Jewellery Manufacturing and Levels 3 and 4 in CAD design.

Lauren’s favourite designs to create are pieces with a delicate and intricate look, especially with filigree! But the most rewarding part of her job is being welcomed by a family to work with their sentimental heirlooms and use their original materials to design a stunning new piece that they will love.

Want to work with Lauren?

Design and Production Coordinator



Kerrie has been a part of the team with Jeremy France Jewellers for over 9 years after joining with a total of over 18 years experience in the industry.

Kerrie is a big part of the Bespoke department making sure that each and every bespoke project moves through the design and manufacture process smoothly and each deadline is reached.

With an extensive design background, Kerrie has the knowledge of many manufacture processes allowing her to work closely with our suppliers and clients.

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