Bespoke Design

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Jeremy France Jewellers employs a team of jewellery designers, each with their individual influences, styles and artistic backgrounds.  Our jewellery designers are always happy to share their experience in design and manufacture to make your ideas become a reality, offering a range of tailored services to suit your needs.

After your initial consultation hand drawn images will be presented to you after one of our design consultations.  After viewing the initial designs we will work with you to refine these ideas until you are happy.  Our CAD department can even offer you a photograph quality image of your chosen piece before our skilled goldsmiths start to create your personally designed jewellery.

For those who know what they want, we can create a life-like image on CAD, or even a plastic resin sample, with the diamonds and gemstones placed in for the full effect. We don’t charge extra for any of our design services, but do request a deposit prior to CAD work commencing. 

Jewellery CAD has allowed us to the bridge the gap between centuries-old techniques and modern day expectations.   It’s opened up a world of using the same tools that build space shuttles to design and create the finest jewellery, whether it is a mechanically-based concept or an organic sculptural shape.

3D CAD has become an additional tool in our design consultations, allowing our clients to view their jewellery ideas as a 3-dimensional image and live resin in great detail before we even need to cast the piece in precious metal.  Combined with the skills of our goldsmiths we use the CAD for an array of purposes, from remaking Victorian jewellery to manufacturing bespoke engagement rings.