Jewellery Engraving Services in Winchester

If you searched ‘jewellery engraving near me’, this is the page for you. We offer jewellery engraving services for purchased pieces of all descriptions.


Wedding Bands

Our jewellery engraving service offers complimentary machine engraving on the inside of all of our wedding bands* in a variety of fonts. Choose a date, name or inscription for that extra personal touch.


Signet Rings, Cufflinks, Bangles and More…

Our Winchester jewellery engraving services also offer hand engraving on a variety of items purchased in store. Engraving charges for those items start from £35 and vary depending on how many characters are required.

Did you know?

Our jewellery engraving services can also engrave pictorial images and designs too? These are priced on an individual basis, according to the engraver’s time.

Because we send our engraving to highly talented engravers, we cannot offer engraving on items not purchased from us.

Please note that if you require hand engraving this typically requires a timescale of 2-4 weeks.

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Seal engraving is a more in-depth, intricately detailed form of engraving which can be used to create a wax impression of an image. This jewellery engraving service in Winchester is typically found on a signet ring, showcasing a family crest or coat of arms, but can be used to create any image you desire.

A ‘seal’ refers to both the metal stamp used to create a wax impression, and the wax impression itself. Historically, these wax seals were attached to important documents as evidence of authenticity. Consequently, the design has to be cut into the metal seal or signet ring in reverse to create a wax impression which is recognisable. Every design must be unique to its owner, like a signature.

When our jewellery engraving services prepare a signet ring for seal engraving, they dust the surface of the ring with a fine layer of powder. Using a feather, they then draw the design by hand onto the head of the ring, in reverse. Once our seal engraver is happy with the image, they draw a more permanent design onto the ring using a scriber.

At the next stage, our Winchester jewellery engraving services cut into the signet ring by hand, using a series of specialised steel-bladed tools. After many hours of work, they press the completed ring into soft modelling clay to show an impression of the finished seal. They then brush the signet ring, clean it, and take a final wax impression, before returning it to the customer along with the finished ring.

Customers can also choose to have their family crest or coat of arms pictorially engraved, so that the image appears the correct way around when the engraving itself is viewed. As this type of engraving is not designed to be able to create a wax impression, it can be shallower than traditional seal engraving, but is often still as intricate and highly detailed as a seal engraving.

Our Winchester jewellery engraving services prices seal engraving from £515. Due to of the demand for specialised, highly skilled engraving, timescales for seal engraving can be up to three months.

*character limits apply