Jeremy France Jewellers have collaborated with the UK’s largest specialist jewellery insurance brokers, T.H.March, to now offer you full insurance cover on any new piece of jewellery purchased in store up to the value of £5000, covering you from the moment you purchase with a 14 day cooling off period.

 “My home insurance will cover it”

Your home insurance may well cover your new purchase; however, your home insurance will more often than not have an excess to pay.  With our insurance policy there is no excess to pay. In the unfortunate event of you having to claim off your home insurer, it is also likely you will be sent to a jeweller or replacement company with whom you have no relationship.  With our insurance policy, we deal with the insurers, meaning we do all the work for you.

“This is a surprise engagement ring for my partner.  Will they be covered by the insurance?” 

Yes! The insurance covers both the purchaser and the owner of the jewellery.

“I am due to propose or take the jewellery abroad, will I be covered?”

Yes, you will be covered to take the jewellery abroad, as often as you like for up to 30 days at a time from the moment of purchase.

“How are claims handled?”

Simple: you complete a brief claim form, we then handle the claim to arrange either repairs or replacement items with no policy excess to be payed.

“How long will it take for me to add insurance to my purchase in store?”

Purchasing insurance for an item of jewellery (up to £5000) could not be easier.  All it takes is the push of of a button on our system and you can pay for the insurance premium at the same time as paying for the item of jewellery, meaning that the item is covered from the moment you purchase it, giving you piece of mind for the journey home.