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Whether you need luxury jewellery repaired, a family heirloom restored or a new purchase resized, your piece will be worked on at our Winchester workshop by one of our five fantastically talented goldsmiths.

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The son of Jeremy France, Chris inherited his father’s passion for repair work having seen his father at the bench from a young age. Chris studied Jewellery and Goldsmithing at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), and spent his summers practising his craft at the Winchester workshop. After university, he completed his apprenticeship here, and has been with us full time since 2010. Chris is adept at repairing jewellery and dealing with intricate claws, combining traditional methods and expert use of our laser welder to bring the best results to our clients. You can read more about Chris in our history section.


Abbie joined us in January 2018 as a trainee goldsmith, and has been gaining valuable experience under the guidance of our experienced team. If you are looking to make a piece of jewellery reusing your sentimental gold, Abbie is your goldsmith. She has mastered this delicate art that relies on accurate measurement and a keen eye for detail. She has re-purposed many of our clients’ old jewellery with this fascinating process that transforms tired gold into something new and appealing. Visit our Winchester showroom to see some of Abbie’s creations displayed in our pre-owned window.

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Mark joined us in 2020, having been in the trade for over 30 years. His five-year apprenticeship after school saw him manufacturing rose gold jewellery using the long-established lost wax casting method. After his apprenticeship, Mark moved on to learn how to repair and restore antique jewellery. Trying his hand at a variety of traditional and modern methods, Mark worked as a self-employed goldsmith for 25 years before joining the team working on restorations and jewellery repairs in Winchester.

Mark’s favourite pieces to make are handmade gold chains. He can create intricate chain patterns from just a simple block of gold, fashioning each link meticulously by hand. He loves creating something beautiful from raw materials.

Goldsmith 4

Our other, shyer goldsmith (who asked to remain unnamed and un-photographed) has been with the company for over 25 years. An absolute perfectionist and an incredible hand maker, we didn’t want to leave them out of introductions. Joining us after getting their degree and working in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, they have been an integral part of Jeremy France Jewellers for nearly as long as we have been in Winchester! Their handmade rings are a delight to behold and they are a true testament to their craft.