Remodelling Jewellery in Winchester

Jewellery often holds a sentimental value greater than any other. It helps us to celebrate our milestones, carries memories of loved ones, and forms a part of our legacy.

Our lifestyles, however, do change over time and perhaps your cherished heirloom needs to be reimagined for your preferences today. That’s where our jewellery remodelling services in Winchester come in. Our in-store team will talk you through your options, helping to bring new life to your precious items so they can be enjoyed for decades to come.

The journey to remodel your jewellery is as unique as the story behind each piece. Our jewellery ring remodelling services are happy to explore all the possibilities with you and can help direct your remodel to a design that suits you.

Better than new

Melt and Roll

Using your sentimental yellow and rose gold, our remodelling jewellery services can remake your jewellery into something you’ll love to wear, while still maintaining the emotional significance of the original item.

‘Melt and roll’ describes a process for melting down gold and reforming it into a new piece of jewellery. We can use metal from just one piece, or incorporate many family items together.

Our goldsmiths begin by carefully unsetting any stones that may be set into the original piece. The metal is then heated until it becomes molten, and poured into an ingot mould. The goldsmiths feed this ingot through a set of precision steel rollers to form a bar of bullion that can be shaped into your new piece.

Melt and roll methods can be used to create all kinds of gold pendants, rings and bangles. This process works best to create simple styles and doesn’t work as successfully on fine metal detailing.

Unfortunately, we cannot use white gold, platinum or silver pieces in this process. However, we can add new settings to your yellow or rose gold to create a style you love.

We’ve used the melt and roll method for remodelling old jewellery in Winchester for decades. So whether you have a design in mind, or just know you want to make a ring for every day.

If you are interested in this service, please pop in-store with your old pieces of gold jewellery and we can discuss ideas for what you could have made. Due to the nature of this process, it is best to keep the design as simple as possible – bangles, rings and simple pendants are popular ideas, speak to the team now.

Creating A New Piece With

Your Diamonds and Gemstones

Sometimes our customers love their jewellery as it is, but the piece has become too worn and delicate to repair.

In these instances, a remake may be more suitable. Using the original piece as a template, our Winchester remodelling jewellery service will recreate your jewellery, thickening and strengthening the metal to how it would have looked when you first fell in love with it, allowing you to enjoy it for many more years to come.

At other times, a customer may feel that a family piece looks outdated, or isn’t suitable for the wear and tear of modern life. Perhaps you prefer to wear a different metal, such as platinum instead of yellow gold. Whatever the reason, our jewellery ring remodelling services would be delighted to help with your full redesign, unsetting your stones and creating a new piece from fresh metal to showcase the gems. Because we are not reusing metal, your options are limitless.

We have a large variety of jewellery items in our city centre store. Visit us to try them on, helping you form an idea of what you want in your redesign. We can then produce a selection of hand-drawn designs to finalise small details, and ensure you’re completely happy with the look of your new jewellery before we either hand-make or CAD the new piece.

For more information on the design process, please visit our bespoke design page.

We’ve been remodelling jewellery in Winchester for a long time, and we believe in being as transparent as possible.

So regardless of the journey your remodel takes, we want to ensure that you have confidence in the new design, and understand the amazing process your stones and metal will go through to be transformed into a new and special piece.

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