Repairs, Restorations and more...

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to your precious jewellery and the creative possibilities are endless. From simple chain repairs to full redesigns we have you covered. Even if it’s just a quick clean and polish to rekindle your love for the original piece! But if you aren’t sure what your options are please get in touch.


Jeremy France Jewellers combines over 70 years’ experience in jewellery repairs.

Our on-site expert goldsmiths specialise in repairing jewellery to an exceptional standard.  Whether you need a ring re-sizing, an antique piece needing restoration or simply a chain repaired, we can help.  We are usually able to do this within 1 – 2 weeks and are often able to offer an instant service.

We understand how precious your jewellery is to you, so please visit us in store where one of our team can advise you on any work needed. For more complex jobs, we may need to take the piece in, but will contact you with the quote as soon as possible.

This is a complimentary no obligation service.


Melt & Roll

Jewellery has the potential to remain in a family for generations.

Inherited jewellery carries a value greater than any other, sentimentality. Fashions do change over time, however, and perhaps your cherished heirloom isn’t quite your style. Using the sentimental gold, we can reinvent the piece into something you’ll love to wear that still contains the connection and memories of the original piece. “Melt and roll” describes the process of melting down gold and reforming it into a new piece of jewellery.

Our goldsmiths begin by delicately unsetting any stones that may be set into the new piece. The metal is then heated until it becomes molten, and poured into an ingot mould. The goldsmiths then feed the metal through a set of precision steel rollers to form a bar of bullion that can be used to manufacture the new piece.

If you are interested in this service, please pop in-store with your old pieces of gold jewellery and we can discuss ideas for what you could have made. Due to the nature of this process, it is best to keep the design as simple as possible - bangles, rings and simple pendants are popular ideas. We are also only able to re-form yellow and rose gold, so unfortunately cannot use white gold, platinum or silver pieces.


Charity Polish

Since locating to Winchester over 25 years ago, Jeremy France Jewellers have continuously been a key figure in raising thousands of pounds for local charities.

Just one of the ways we have been able to achieve this is by offering a charity polish to the public. For a small donation to one of our chosen charities, we will clean, polish and professionally check your jewellery while you shop.

We recommend diamond-set rings and other items worn regularly are brought in for this service every six months. Due to white gold being rhodium plated we are unable to polish these items as part of this service (as the plating will be removed). We can however still steam clean your jewellery.


Jewellery will show normal signs of wear and tear over time, just as your car does. As a car needs replacement tyres, rings may need plumper claws and small adjustments.

We are here to help with both accidents and regular maintenance and always look out for the following during any visit or charity clean;

• Thin, damaged or missing claws (often noticed by the feeling of scratchy or catchy metal)

• Missing or worn metal where two rings rub against each other • Stones moving in settings

• Loose catches and clasps, or rough chain links

• Cracks in metal

• Pearls that are loose on their thread

• Worn plating on white gold

• Discomfort in ring size

Our onsite workshop and experienced staff can help you with all your questions and concerns and would be delighted to offer you more specific guidance on the care of your jewellery.