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Unwanted Jewellery

If you searched for ‘where can I sell my old jewellery in Winchester?’ this is the page for you.

We’re one of the few jewellers who buy second-hand jewellery in the Winchester area. So whether you’re looking to clear out old pieces of jewellery that you no longer like, or you’ve inherited a family collection that you just won’t wear, we can make an offer to buy it from you.

Selling Jewellery


Read on for our FAQs around buying your old jewellery.

If your jewellery has a full UK hallmark and is not gem set, our Winchester city centre store will usually be able to offer an instant price to buy.

Pieces that are not hallmarked will have to be tested with acid to confirm their metal purity so we can make you an accurate and fair offer. Those with valuable gems will need to be taken in for up to a week for further tests and assessment. Please note that we cannot make offers on lab grown diamonds at this time.

We are willing to consider any item, from a few broken gold chains to unwanted diamond rings; the condition of the jewellery and the quality of any stones will of course vary our offer.

When assessing higher value pieces for offer, we request that any certificates, receipts or valuations are brought along when you bring in your jewellery. This will help us to assess your items more quickly and can sometimes improve the offer.

In order for you to accept our offer, we will require a form of identification with both a picture and full current address. For example, a photocard driving licence, or a passport with a utility bill.

Please be aware that precious metal and diamond prices fluctuate regularly, so any offer we make will be only valid for a limited time. Payments can be made via cash, cheque or direct bank payment. Please note bank transfers take 3-5 working days to clear funds to your account.

Don’t forget that selling unwanted jewellery is not your only option. We also offer remodelling of jewellery which can bring life back into unworn gems and gold. Visit our jewellery remodelling page for more details.

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