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At Jeremy France Jewellers, we offer one of the most trusted jewellery services in Winchester. Our team has a wealth of knowledge, from our expert goldsmiths to our back-office staff, our talented designers and experienced salespeople.

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Visit our repairs and restorations page for more information.
However, there are several other services we provide which are worth explaining in detail.

Making payment easy

Insurance Letters and Gem Cards

If you plan to claim under your insurance for the loss, damage, or theft of a piece of jewellery, our jewellery valuation service can help by writing an insurance loss or damage letter to present to your insurance company.

We offer this complimentary service for any jewellery you need to claim on, regardless of whether you purchased it from us or not.

The letter will give a description of your jewellery based on the images, receipts and descriptions you can provide. It will then confirm a cost to either replace or repair the jewellery, like for like with the original.

We are part of the LMG Gem card scheme, so choosing our jewellery repair services to replace or repair your jewellery should be simple. We are happy to accept payment for insurance jobs from Gem cards, direct from the insurers, or from the customer if a pay-out has been received.

We can’t make the experience of losing or damaging your jewellery less upsetting, but we can help make the process of replacing or restoring it that much easier. Please see our bespoke design page for more information on our manufacturing process.

Putting the shine back

Repolishing Damaged Stones

Another way our jewellery services in Winchester can help is by putting the shine back into old, damaged stones.

Many stones can sustain surface damage and abrasions when worn regularly, and even diamonds can occasionally be chipped by a severe knock.

Fortunately, our jewellery repair services can repolish old stones to remove surface damage, making them look as good as new.

First, the damaged gemstone is unset, and sent to our expert stone cutters and polishers. They will assess the stone, and polish or recut as needed to remove worn and damaged areas. Once the gemstone has been restored to its former glory, we’ll reset it into your jewellery.

Please note that this highly specialised skill does come with some risks, and our jewellery repair service will always explain the process required for your particular stone before you commit to any work.

More Information about Jewellery Valuation for Insurance

For more information on our jewellery insurance valuation service, please visit our jewellery valuation page.

For information about making an insurance claim, or using a gem card in store to repair or replace your jewellery, visit our services page.

“It’s like new!”

Replacing Lost Stones

Our Winchester jewellery design services often see rings where diamonds or other gemstones have been lost. This can occur because the metal has worn thin over the years and is no longer strong enough to secure your sparkling gems.

We will always talk through any work needed in addition to replacing a missing stone to make sure that it doesn’t fall out again. Our jewellery repair services work with a broad range of reputable international and UK-based diamond and gemstone dealers to source precious stones, always ensuring that we find the best match to replace what was lost.

If the loss of a stone was due to accidental damage, and you intend to claim on your insurance, we can supply you with an insurance loss letter. Often if accidental damage has resulted in the loss of a stone, any repair work needed on the metal around the stone is also covered by your insurer.

Not sure if your insurance covers your ring fully? See our pages on insurance and valuations.