Items of jewellery are precious and need insurance to protect them, but of equal importance is a professional valuation detailing the pieces and confirming how their value has been determined.
It is essential that you discuss with your valuer how you would replace your items if they were to be lost as this is fundamental to the type of valuation produced.
For example a new item from a chain store would be based on the New Replacement Value (NRV) whereas a second hand or antique item’s value would depend on where it was bought and how it would be replaced. Here a Second Hand Replacement Value (SHRV) or Antique Replacement Value (ARV) would be more appropriate.
Your valuer will also confirm how often your items should be revalued. Precious metals and gemstone costs fluctuate greatly and regular valuations ensure your insurance values are correct.
Please see below for the different types of valuation we offer.

Valuation To Sell

This type of valuation is a free service where you can bring your jewellery to our independent showroom and have a free consultation to see if it is something Jeremy France Jewellers would like to sell in their Pre-owned window. If so an offer will be made to you that you have no obligation to accept.

Insurance Valuation

This type of valuation is compiled on the basis of what similar article will cost to replace in the event of loss or damage. The figures represent average retail prices in the usual, local market. The retailer who undertakes the valuation will usually be considered at that source. The description will be full and detailed enough to enable the article of similar quality to be obtained but not a handmade facsimile (this would require facsimile insurance) in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer.

Facsimile Valuation

This is an insurance valuation for the reproduction of an identical replica using the same quality of materials and craftsmanship.

This will take extra research to provide you with the correct information, so therefore your charges will be slightly higher. Your insurance company will charge you a premium.

Probate Valuation

A valuation for probate purposes may be required upon the death of the owner of the jewellery, in order to be submitted to the legal representatives of the estate. Possible liability for death duties may ensure. The values stated represent much lower values than an insurance valuation, and are based upon an open market assessment of their worth. The schedule will also be less descriptive than for insurance.This type of valuation applies when you wish to sell an article of value to an individual privately, and need to know what is a reasonable price to ask for it. The willing buyer/willing seller situation requires the valuer to take into account many factors affecting value, but ultimately provide a figure that is reasonable for both parties.

Family Division

This class of valuation is for assessing the worth of the couple’s assets for consideration by the courts. It will usually be at a lower fee than an insurance valuation

We value on-site every Monday with our IRV registered valuer for your convenience so that you can drop off and collect your jewellery on weekends wherever possible. If you drop off your goods a few days before we will have the opportunity to clean, polish and check the items where possible. Items such as watches, opals and pearls cannot be cleaned in this free service but arrangements can be made to have them cleaned.