The place for jewellery repairs in Winchester.

In a dedicated workshop on the first floor of our Winchester showroom, our goldsmiths can be seen every day restoring and perfecting our customers’ precious jewellery. The store’s large window allows you to witness the goldsmiths at work, offering a unique perspective on the detail involved in their craft.

A room

With a View

The view into our workshop shows how we strive to maintain the balance between tradition and innovation, keeping centuries-old craftsmanship alive while embracing the latest technology.

Many of our tools, such as the simple wooden stump in the middle of the workshop floor, wouldn’t look out of place in a workshop of 100 years ago. These long-established tools sit side by side with our state-of-the-art laser welder, which has transformed what is possible in jewellery repairs and renovations, repairing cracks and joins near sensitive gemstones that would not have been possible without this advanced technology.

Each of the goldsmiths in our Winchester jewellery repair workshop has their own area of expertise and passion for a different aspect of their craft. With over 70 years of combined workshop experience, your jewellery is in very safe hands.

To find out about the types of repairs, remodelling and other services that we provide, visit our remodelling page.

Appointment Booking for Jewellery Repairs

To make a jewellery repair or restoration appointment in our workshop, visit our appointments booking page.