Ethical Diamonds

“Conflict diamonds” (also known as “blood diamonds”) are rough diamonds that are mined in parts of Africa where civil wars and conflicts are taking place.  Rebel groups illegally sell these diamonds to fund arms.
In the 1990s conflict diamonds accounted for approximately 4% of the world’s diamond supply.


The Kimberley Process

In January 2003, a force comprising the United Nations, 52 world governments and the diamond industry decided to try and put an end to this illegal trade.  They formed the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process basically means that imported and exported diamonds are sealed and certified during their travels, so that conflict diamonds cannot enter the supply chain and means that any given parcel is traceable.

The introduction of the Kimberley Process has meant that conflict diamonds have decreased from the original 4% to less than 1% of the world’s diamond supply and now 68 governments are signed up to the process.

Why Is This So Important Now?

With the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio film “Blood Diamonds”, set in Sierra Leone in the 1990s conflict diamonds have garnered a large profile and many people are more aware of the impact their purchase could have in the developing world.

Because of this, we at Jeremy France Jewellers use well-established suppliers who have signed their confirmation that the diamonds they supply to us are from conflict free sources so our customers can be confident in our ethics.